How to Join InfraGard

Thank you for your interest in joining InfraGard. There are several benefits to joining our organization. First and foremost, you will have an opportunity to meet and network with other security professionals around town, as well as learn about security trends and issues at our quarterly meetings. InfraGard members receive daily emails about new security threats, and have access to a secure website, with security information specific to their industry and area. In addition, as an InfraGard member, you are entitled to certain discounts off of security training conferences. And, there are currently no membership fees to join.

For a complete overview, please view the InfraGard Membership Factsheet.

Students are now welcome to join InfraGard. You must be at least 18 years of age.

To Join InfraGard

  • Visit the National Website and submit an application:
  • InfraGard membership requires passing a background check that includes: criminal history and FBI database checks. The background check is performed by FBI personnel, and results are kept strictly confidential. If you have a current federal security clearance, the background check is waived.
  • This process could take awhile so please allow several weeks to a couple months for processing.

Question and Answer FAQ

Here are a few helpful Q & A’s when filling out the form:

Q: What address is being asked for on the application?
A: You are required to include both your business and home address. Please note that PO Boxes are not allowed.

Q: Which Chapter should I join?
A: InfraGard has 57 chapters, with 5 in Ohio: Cleveland, Toledo, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton. Join the one closest to you, or the most applicable to your needs.

Code of Ethics

As a member of InfraGard, it is my responsibility to:

  • Promote the protection and advancement of the critical infrastructure of the United States of America.
  • Cooperate with others in the interchange of knowledge and ideas for mutual protection.
  • Support the education of members and the general public to enhance their understanding of information security and national information infrastructure issues.
  • Serve in the interests of InfraGard and the general public in a diligent, loyal, honest manner, and not knowingly aid or be a party to any illegal or improper activities.
  • Maintain the confidentiality, and prevent the use for competitive advantage at the expense of other members, of information obtained in the course of my involvement with InfraGard, which includes but is not limited to:  Information concerning the business of a fellow member or company or Information identified as proprietary, confidential or sensitive.
  • Abide by the National and Local Chapter Bylaws.
  • Protect and respect the privacy, civil, property, and intellectual property rights of others.