10/4/2019 Members Only Meeting


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Farewell Barry Spencer!



Assistant Director Michael Sullivan will be in attendance! Assistant Director of the Office of Private Sector with the FBI Intelligence Branch.

AD Sullivan overseas efforts to strengthen the FBI’s partnerships with the U.S. private sector, which are vital to the nation’s national security and economic security.

Ken Atchinson Cyber-camp debrief

Director Derek Siegle. Director Siegle of the Ohio High Intensity Drug Trafficking Task Force (HIDTA). The mission of HIDTA is to reduce drug availability by creating intelligence-driven task forces aimed at eliminating or reducing drug trafficking and its harmful consequences through enhancing and helping to coordinate drug trafficking control efforts among Federal, state and local law enforcement.

Supervisory Special Agent (SSA) Ryan Macfarlane Cleveland FBI SSA Macfarlane current role as the supervisor of one of Cleveland’s cyber squads which focuses on nation state actors. SSA Macfarlane is well verse on many topics in this field and has presented and traveled abroad to assist or present on his expertise