NOC Board of Directors

The Northern Ohio InfraGard Members Alliance Board of Directors is made up of nine dedicated InfraGard members who volunteer their time and leadership to serve the chapter membership through such initiatives as free and low cost training programs, meeting and special event organization, community outreach, partnerships, etc.

Rich Ullom, Executive Director (Elected 2017)
Bryan Hornick, Treasurer (Elected 2017)
Keith Fricke, Secretary (Elected 2016)
Bill Murray, Website Admin (Elected 2017)
Tom Mathis, Elections Committee (Elected 2017)
Rosemarie Shell, Elections Committee (Elected 2017)
Jack Nichelson (Elected 2017)
Larry Mackey (Elected 2016)
Del Simonovich (Elected 2016)

Board positions are held for 2 years and are voted on in the 4th quarter NOC InfraGard chapter meeting.

To support Northern Ohio Infragard Board activities, other individuals graciously volunteer their time.  Of special note:

Doug Huber – Infragard National Chapter Liaison
Frank Cirino – Speaker and Sponsor Coordinator, Elections Committee

Board meeting minutes are retained by the Executive Director

Sector Chiefs

Higher Education - Brian Kelly
Information Technology – Jeremy Mio, Website Admin Backup
Manufacturing – Doug Huber
Banking & Financial – Steven Switz
Healthcare – Nadal Montoya
Energy - Open
Defense - Major Thomas Butler
Government Facilities – Open
EMP – John Juhasz

Sector Chiefs are appointed by the Board of Directors